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Thank you to all of the donors who have contributed to the crowdfunding campaign!

Ellie & Isaac
Steve Magidson
The Deitz Family
Judy Schutzman
Nancy & Phil Bloomfield
Theresa Olguin
Chris Holsten & Mark Khan
Erin & David Frankel
Jayne and Gary Marx
Bill von Achen and Andrew Marx
Shannon and Ted Farmer
Ellen Allard
Rabbi Stephanie Kramer
Barbara Clarke
The Leavitt Family
The Browngoehl Family
Boswick the Clown
Rabbi Peter Rigler
Cantor Mary Thomas
Abbey Krain
Saeed & Shohreh Niku

Beth Magidson
Fred Ostrow
Cantor Josh Breitzer
Lizz Goodson
Sue & Rick Shandler
Lawrence and Margaret Husick
The Mendell Family
Tim and Joanie Merrill
Brett and Rachel Amdur
The Kedson Family
Bonnie & Lenny Starr
Keri Green
Cantor David Frommer
Alyse Unterberger
Ann & Mayer Selekman
Randy Marx
Asher Matthews
The Kedson Family
Bernice Kurtzner
The Porter Family
Mike & Betsey Smith