Zeh Hayom (Today's Your Day)


I’m a big believer in second chances. I don’t know that I’ve had so many more (or fewer) than anyone else, but in the last ten years it’s become an article of faith that it’s never too late to start something new. The very first song I recorded, Bless This Year, was inspired by that very idea. Every single day in our prayer book we read this blessing: “Blessed are You, Adonai, Who blesses the year.” How contrary to the whole new years spirit, to celebrate the start of a year every single day. 

But that’s exactly what our tradition teaches. The term for “sin” in Hebrew implies missing the mark — not a demerit on our “permanent record,” but a misstep that we can correct the next time around. There’s a line that I instinctively loved in our morning prayers, even before I could really articulate why. Uv’tuvo m’chadeish b’chol yom tamid maasei v’reishit. “In Your great goodness, You daily renew creation.” Every day, God starts over and that means we can too. 

So maybe you made a resolution last week. Most of us do. And odds are you’ve already forgotten, or slipped a little, or maybe never even started. I get it! We all get it. Don’t wait for next new years to try again. Just go, right now, and try again. No, seriously, go. Stop reading and get on with it. Hurry up!

From “Zeh Hayom (Today’s Your Day)”: 

Today may be too late
And tomorrow’s nearly never
Zeh hayom today’s your day

Don’t put off till tomorrow
What keeps you sane today
Zeh hayom today’s your day

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